Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Get involved and show you care! An update from Jim Egan...

Having been out of the office for the last few days I spent this morning catching up with the usual inbox full of emails and the list of phone messages. One topic that seems to have dominated both has been the Big Farmland Bird Count – there are requests for farmer interviews in local and regional newspapers, requests for information from TV and Radio programmes but most importantly there have been queries, questions and suggestions from farmers who are looking to take part in the count.

We have already had nearly 400 farmers register their intention to take part.

A range of organisations such the NFU, CLA, LEAF The FWAG Association, Conservation Grade and Soil Association are encouraging their members to take part.

We want this to become an annual event and for that to happen we need all the support we can get in this first year. It’s a chance for farmers and gamekeepers to shout about what they do and hopefully it will convince others that they can do something to help birds and other wildlife on their farms.

Get involved and show you care!

Click here to register your interest >

Jim Egan
Head of Development & Training at the GWCT's Allerton Project

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