Wednesday, 26 February 2014

An update on the Big Farmland Bird Count

Just a quick update to say that the support we've received for this brand new initiative has been overwhelming. Not just from the people who took part in the count but from the organisations and the press who have got behind us from the start.

We'd like to thank you all.

Right now we're busy collating the count results as they're still coming in online and by post. We hope to be able to announce the results in March.

If you would like to get the results delivered right to your inbox please register your interest here.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Voting now open in BFBC Photo Competition

You can now vote in our Big Farmland Bird Count photo competition. We are very grateful to all those who submitted the photos that they took whilst out counting.

View photos and vote >

Monday, 10 February 2014

BFBC: Please submit your results

The first Big Farmland Bird Count has ended and we've been overwhelmed by the response it's generated. The farming community, the press and those who are passionate about wildlife have all supported the count from the moment we first announced its launch.

As you know, the main objective of the count, other than to determine how our farmland bird species are faring, was to highlight the good conservation work being undertaken on farmland around the country.

Now we need to gather the results as quickly as possible so we can start reporting the findings whilst we have momentum. If you took part in the count please can you submit your results online.

Submit your results >

Friday, 7 February 2014

Your latest BFBC Tweets

Big Farmland Bird Count to be featured on Countryfile

We're delighted to announce that the Big Farmland Bird Count is to be featured in a forthcoming episode of the BBC's hugely popular Countryfile TV programme.

Due to be broadcast in March, the episode will feature interviews with farmers who took part in the count as well as details about the results.

Have you counted yet?

If so please submit your results online >

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Reminder: Big Farmland Bird Count ends on Friday 7th February

Just a quick reminder to say that the Big Farmland Bird Count ends on Friday 7th February so time is running out for you to conduct your count.

Once again we'd like to say a big thank you for taking an interest in this important new initiative - it has truly captured the imagination of politicians, the public and the media. It is also demonstrating the wide range of conservation work undertaken by farmers to help farmland wildlife.

As you know, we're asking you to spend about 30 minutes recording the species and number of birds seen on one particular area of the farm, ideally somewhere with a good view of around 2 ha of the farm.


If you're planning to submit your count results online all you need is this simple ticksheet to record which species you see.

Once you've completed your count you can submit your results online here.

If you're going to be returning your results by post you'll need to download the full count sheet here.


We've made it as straightforward as possible for you to tell us your count findings. You can quickly and easily submit your results online or send them to us by post. We'll send you another email on 10th February to remind you.


Don't forget you can win 2ha of wild seed mix and an advisory visit or an iPad Mini by entering our photo competition.

Simply take a photo within the area of the farm where you are counting and email it to or tweet us at @gameandwildlife. We will then publish the 10 best photos on our Big Farmland Bird Count blog and visitors will be able to vote for their favourite.


If you need any help with downloading the count sheets or submitting your results online please email or call 01425 651011.

Latest BFBC Photos - keep them coming!

Here are a selection of the photos we've received from those who have kindly taken part in the Big Farmland Bird Count. Don't forget we'll be choosing the best 10 after the count has finished and asking you to vote for your favourite.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A selection of your latest BFBC Tweets

Monday, 3 February 2014

Your latest Tweets on the Big Farmland Bird Count

Sunday, 2 February 2014

First count results starting to arrive

The count returns are starting to come in and among the first submitted was that of Henry Lang, who carried out the count on his 1,000 acre commercial farm at Curry Rivel, Somerset this weekend. 

In just half an hour, Henry Lang managed to locate an impressive range of birds on a 5 acre wheat field on his farm.

The field, which is surrounded by 6 metre grass margins, excellent hedges and wild bird seed crops proved a haven for wild birds and the count in this small area revealed flocks of 60 fieldfares, 20 starlings as well as blackbirds, wren, blue tit, reed buntings, song thrush, dunnock, pied wagtail, goldfinch, grey partridge and two tiny goldcrests - one of our smallest bird species.

Peter Thompson, the GWCT’s farmland Biodiversity Advisor, said, “Henry showed that, although he runs a profitable commercial farming operation, wild birds are thriving because of the wildlife habitats that have been incorporated in blocks around the farm together with supplementary over-winter feeding.

Henry is particularly proud of his 40 acres of wild flower meadows, which are now encouraging the spread of species such as marble white butterflies to different areas on his land.  In addition Henry has established 48km of 6 metre grass margins as well as recent planting of 14,000 new native trees and shrubs.”

If you've conducted your count you can submit your count results online >