Sunday, 2 February 2014

First count results starting to arrive

The count returns are starting to come in and among the first submitted was that of Henry Lang, who carried out the count on his 1,000 acre commercial farm at Curry Rivel, Somerset this weekend. 

In just half an hour, Henry Lang managed to locate an impressive range of birds on a 5 acre wheat field on his farm.

The field, which is surrounded by 6 metre grass margins, excellent hedges and wild bird seed crops proved a haven for wild birds and the count in this small area revealed flocks of 60 fieldfares, 20 starlings as well as blackbirds, wren, blue tit, reed buntings, song thrush, dunnock, pied wagtail, goldfinch, grey partridge and two tiny goldcrests - one of our smallest bird species.

Peter Thompson, the GWCT’s farmland Biodiversity Advisor, said, “Henry showed that, although he runs a profitable commercial farming operation, wild birds are thriving because of the wildlife habitats that have been incorporated in blocks around the farm together with supplementary over-winter feeding.

Henry is particularly proud of his 40 acres of wild flower meadows, which are now encouraging the spread of species such as marble white butterflies to different areas on his land.  In addition Henry has established 48km of 6 metre grass margins as well as recent planting of 14,000 new native trees and shrubs.”

If you've conducted your count you can submit your count results online >

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