Thursday, 15 January 2015

Extra Farmland Bird ID Day Added!

Guest blog by Kit Speakman, Essex Chairman of FWAG East

FWAG is delighted to be supporting the GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count and as such we’re offering an extra bird identification training day on my farm here in Essex, for any farmers or gamekeepers in East Anglia who couldn’t make the other events.

We’ve decided to run this event because I think it’s really important as many people as possible get behind the count and brush up on their birding skills. We all spend a lot of time fussing over our margins and manicuring our mixes, and we KNOW they deliver for wild birds, but can we identify them? We all enjoy seeing flocks of small birds feeding on our seed, swooping over our hedgerows and darting for cover, but how can we demonstrate the value of our efforts unless we know exactly what we are attracting onto our farms?

At the event, I’m looking forward to hearing from expert FWAG birder Tim Schofield on identifying the different species and putting this into practice on my farm, so that I can contribute meaningfully to the count between 7th-15th February. It’s time we take our conservation efforts full circle, make them measurable and let the public know how we are supporting farmland birds.

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